The Bunz fam loves to get wordy and use a lot of 'in-house' colloquialisms. Here's a few to get familiar with:

ISO = In Search Of

GC = Giftcard

True trade / #truetrade = A trade involving something you already have for something somebody else already has.

DM = Direct message

Bun = A community member of Bunz

Trading Zone = A physical place in your community where you can meet up for trades. Usually these are cafes or restaurants in your city. For a listing of official zones, click here.

"Anything of mine?" = A phrase you'll often see in comments or in messages; the person is asking you to check out their profile to see if anything in their collection of items catches your eye. 

#BNIB =  "Brand new in box"

#BNWT = "Brand new with tags"

#GiftIt =  A hashtag for new items or items that may make great gifts

#ForHim / #ForHer / #ForThem = another way to find gifts

Tokens = Transit fare tokens

Tallboys / Tallcans = 500ml cans of beer/cider

If you come across terms you don't know the meaning of, don't hesitate to reach out!

You can email or send us a message by clicking the orange chat icon in the lower right corner.

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