Violence/Hate Speech/Bullying & Harassment

Bunz does not allow:

  • Calls to violence or violent action, whether directly or indirectly

  • Mob mentality or targeted harassment of individuals or businesses

  • Violence or hateful speech including but not limited to the listed protected classifications: race, sexuality, ability, religion, gender or gender identity

  • Bullying, threatening, shaming in posts, comments, DM’s

  • Hateful content in usernames/profile pics/bio/community names and descriptions/topic content and comments

  • Naming and shaming in the trading marketplace or communities; this includes user callout posts regardless of whether or not the Bun was named in the post


Bunz does not allow:

  • Copies of private information/doxing

  • This includes abusing the features available in the Bunziverse with the collection of publicly available data in order to otherwise annoy or harass users; publicly posting screens from other areas of Bunz or private DM's as well as screens from other platforms - should you have an issue with a user on Bunz, please report them to us directly with any applicable screens/proof included in the report.

Account Review

Bunz reserves the right to review on-platform as well as off-platform conduct of account holders when reviewing accounts found to be in violation of the guidelines listed here or found to be deemed harmful to the Bunziverse based on the proof of information received. We reserve the right to remove users and/or comments/posts/threads without warning or explanation.

Bunz reserves the right to forward any content violating applicable laws to the authorities for review, without warning or explanation.

Sexual Harassment 

Bunz has a 🚨 ZERO🚨 tolerance stance on sexual harassment on the Bunz platform. Any Bun reported to us (with proof) sexually harassing other Bunz will find their account deactivated without warning or explanation. If you're looking for a partner, feel free to head on over to Tinder, Bumble, FetLife, etc., just don't send unsolicited sexual messages to anyone on Bunz. One more time, 🚨 ZERO🚨 tolerance.

Please ensure that your interactions on Bunz are mutual and respectful.

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