After posting on Bunz you’ll find many people making you offers. A phrase you may encounter is, “Anything of/in mine?” with a link in the chat. Don’t fret! This is a common way for people to show interest in your post/item. What they want you to do is visit their profile to see if there is something you like of theirs!

  • If you don't see anything in their profile consider kindly asking them to check out your ISO's! You may still be able to work out a trade

  • Remember that if you start a conversation on a positive note you'll often be greeted back the same way 🤗

  • You may not receive a response from a Bun and that's ok too! They may have already worked out a trade for their item and decided not to respond to anyone else

  • While we wish this didn't have to be said, here we are... The Bunz Trading Marketplace is NOT a dating site! Please ensure that you are only contacting Bunz regarding their items for trade - if you would like, you are welcome to check out our latest Communities feature to see if there is a dating Community for your area! If not, you're welcome to create one!

In general, be kind to each other! Not all trades are going to work out, and sometimes life gets in the way of speedy replies, so be patient & empathetic, and your Bunzlife will be amazing!

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