Bunz is a Community made up of real people in your city. To make everyone feel safe and comfortable it helps to do the following:

  • Use a real profile picture
  • Use your real first name and last initial; your full name/email address/phone number are never displayed publicly on Bunz
  • Be extra friendly when commenting and chatting, the golden rule works wonders!

Encourage others to follow these simple steps!

How to stay safe when meeting up for a Trade: 

  • Choose a well-known, well-populated area like a cafe or a transit station
  • Stay in-touch with friends/family when heading for a trade or bring someone with you when meeting up with another Bun
  • Conduct trade meets during the day

Children and Bunz

  • Bunz does not recommend that minors complete trades without the presence of a parent or another trusted adult
  • Bunz recommends that minors be supervised when using the Bunz App to ensure their safety

COVID-19 Pandemic Safety

  • Please ensure your safety and the safety of others if you are trading during the COVID 19 pandemic
  • Please ensure you are following your local health guidelines as you are expected to
  • Any reported flagrant disregard for community safety, with proof, will result in you risking your account remaining active on Bunz

If for any reason a Bun has made you feel unsafe, please report them to us directly or email us and let us know what's happened. Please include screenshots of your interactions with the other Bun.

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