You can search ISO lists on Bunz by tapping the search option in the bottom navigation bar on the home screen.

  • Tap search

  • Tap the ISO option

  • Type in your search term, we'll go with 'bike'

  • Type in 'bike' and any ISO list that shows the Bun is looking for a 'bike' will come up in your search results

  • If you would like to filter further, you can do so after searching the term, then tapping the filter option in the top right to narrow your search down

  • If you would like to find something more specific like 'bike maintenance' and only see posts that contain those terms, then you would search "bike maintenance" with the quotations around the search term so that you only see posts that contain both terms within the post


  • Posts can be filtered on Bunz in the filtering option in search; this option comes up once you have created the search, you will see 3 bars in the top right above the ISO tiles

  • From there you can narrow your search by city and distance from your location

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