Reviews are an important part of any marketplace experience and even more so in a bartering marketplace like Bunz. Below are our Guidelines for leaving a review of another Bun and how to handle a reviews you may feel do not reflect the experience accurately.

  • Request a review prior to meeting up with the Bun you are planning to trade with once you have solidified your plans; see our article on this here 

  • Check your items thoroughly at the agreed upon meetup spot prior to departing from the trade

  • Be honest and accurate in your review of the Bun you traded with whether or not the experience was a positive or negative one

Review Disputes:
Generally speaking, Bunz does not edit reviews. However - we will review disputes on a case-by-case basis when necessary. Below are the requirements for requesting a review, which include but are not limited to:

  • Inflammatory language in the review; name-calling, bullying or harassment, etc.

  • Excessive use of profanity

  • A completely inaccurate account of the trade and surrounding events

  • Negative reviews completed more than 30 days after the trade occurred with no attempt to resolve outstanding issues prior to leaving the review

Note: When reaching out to Bunz to dispute a review containing inaccurate information, you will need to send along the screens of your full interaction with the other Bun for review. Decisions on the final outcome are at the sole discretion of the reviewing Bunz HQ moderator.

Star Ratings:
Bunz will not edit a star rating without the request coming from the Bun who left the review and the request being of their own accord. As per our Guidelines, Bunz does not mediate trade disputes and we will not reach out to a Bun on your behalf to ask them if they would like to edit their star rating. We recommend Bunz try to come to a resolution between each other before contacting Bunz HQ for any dispute matters.

Disclaimer: These Guidelines are subject to change.

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