Sometimes disputes happen, which we understand, no one is perfect. Here are some conflict resolution tips for when these situations arise as well as tips to avoid them happening in the first place.

Good Habits:

  • Check your items prior to committing to a trade with a Bun; make sure they are 100% as described and note any variances to the Bun you are interacting with

  • Check your items prior to completing the trade at the trading location; check GC balances, check clothing items, ask for confirmation of electronic devices in working order and back to factory settings, etc

  • Ask the Bun to send specifics on the item in chat, including photos, if you think there may be an issue with the item

Conflict Resolution: 

If for any reason the item you received was not as described or there is another issue, please try the following:

  • Reach out to the Bun you traded with regarding your concerns

  • See if you can either arrange a trade-back (it happens) or come to another resolution; like another item or some BTZ

Note: Bunz is not able to mediate trade disputes, we will review information in specific cases like fraud or other issues, but in general, please try to come to a resolution before reaching out to us. For more information on this policy, please see the third paragraph of our Terms & Conditions.

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