You can refer people to Bunz in two ways!

*Note: In order for BTZ Referral Bonuses to be received, the new Bun must activate their BTZ Wallet.

Referral LinkĀ 

  • Your referral link is located on your homepage in-app. Just tap the 'home' button, push the Daily BTZ Drop banner at the top of the screen to the left and you will see your referral banner in purple. Tap the banner for your referral link which you can copy/paste or send directly from the app using the arrow next to the text box.


  • If you did not send your referral link out, the Bun you referred can use your @username (without the @) at the end of wallet activation once they have confirmed their PIN. *Note: Please make sure they have your username on hand, if they navigate out of the app to find it the page will timeout.

If both steps have been used and for some reason the referral has still not gone out, please email us both your's and your referral's @username and we'll sort it out!

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