Rental Units:

Rental units on Bunz are subject to applicable laws provincially, territorially and municipally with respect to their geographical location. It is the sole responsibility of the user posting the unit for rent to be aware of the laws for the location of the unit they are posting. For example, rental units posted in Toronto are subject to the Residential Tenancy Act as well as the Ontario Human Rights Code, posts found violating either set of Guidelines will be removed from Bunz without warning.

Bunz does not allow housing discrimination on our platform, which includes but is not limited to the listed classifications within our General Community Guidelines and any further protected classifications outlined by your local Human Rights Code. Posts found violating any legal tenancy requirements or human rights requirements for your area will be removed without warning.

It is the expectation of Bunz that any users posting rental listings be knowledgable of their local laws and adhere to them.

Real Estate:

Advertising from real estate agents for their units is not permitted in the Bunz Trading Marketplace. Real estate agents are encouraged to contact us regarding pricing and options for ads.

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