Unchanging Rule #1

No cash in the zone! Bunz is a cash-free bartering platform, always and forever!

Trade Arrangements

We all understand that sometimes our day does not go as planned and we may need to reschedule trades. In the interest of fostering an understanding community, if you are able to communicate this with the person you are trading with, please try and do so as opposed to “ghosting” on the trade. If you need to send someone instead of yourself due to unforeseen circumstances, please communicate this to the person you are trading with prior to the trade in order to maintain their comfort and safety.

ISO Posts

With the release of our public beta for Bunz Communities, we have created an ISO community just for you! Please utilize this Community for all your ISO needs where other users will be able to respond to your ISO requests with their items.

Prohibited Items (may include but are not limited to):

  • Prescription medications of any kind (including birth control), as well as expired/open over-the-counter medications
    Note: please take any and all unused medication or expired/open medication to your nearest pharmacy for safe and proper disposal

  • Illegal weapons or any weapons with the sole purpose to harm humans or animals Note: including high powered laser pointers

  • Ivory
    Note: subject to applicable laws

  • Government issued ID meant to conceal true identity; replicated or real

  • Firearms and ammunition

  • Air rifles
    Note: these items may be traded, however, the item packaging must be visible with the velocity of the air rifle clearly stated and in-line with applicable laws

  • Mace
    Note: bear spray and dog spray are permitted so long as it is clearly stated on the packaging that this is for outdoor use only as protection against the above

  • Knives such as switchblades and other knives meant as weapons and are subject to applicable laws
    Note: chef’s knives are permitted along with other kitchen specific sharps as well as clearly marked decorative knives

  • Bodily fluids

  • Blood and blood fractions

  • Urine/feces

  • Semen or any other fertility donor materials

  • Breast milk
    Note: if a trade involves breast milk, please consult a reputable source of medical information on the risks of communicable infections, medications passed in breast milk and the impact of diet on milk, etc.

  • Surveillance equipment with the sole purpose of recording and or monitoring individuals without their knowledge or express permission
    Note: the trading of home security systems is permitted provided they are NIB containing all information regarding the system.

  • Hazardous materials; combustable items not intended for emergency use (ex. flares)

  • Tools used with the sole purpose of completing illegal activities; ex. burglary tools


Live animals/pets; the trading of live animals or rehoming of live animals (including marine life and reptiles) is prohibited on Bunz, this is for the safety of the animals. If you do need to re-home your pet, please contact your local humane society or no-kill shelter for safe options in rehoming.
Note: We do not have the vetting tools available to us that local shelters and rescue societies do in order to ensure the animals are going to a safe and appropriate environment.

Tattoos, Body Modifications and Personal Services

Getting tattoos, body modifications or personal services from another Bun within the trading marketplace should be negotiated Bun-to-Bun and is an act ultimately entered into at your own risk. Bunz is not responsible for the quality, competency or accuracy of an individual’s qualifications or practices. We suggest reviewing the local health standards in your area before committing to a trade of this nature. 

Used Personal Items (including menstrual cups and sex toys)

Trades involving used personal items such as menstrual cups, sex toys, make-up, body jewelry, etc., come with inherent risks. Certain materials are porous in nature and will act as a reservoir for bacteria, and depending on material, all efforts to ‘properly sanitize’ the item may be ineffective. Bunz assumes no liability in the trade of personal items and they are done so at the user’s own risk.

Currency Trades

We know that bringing back foreign currency (especially coinage) can be a pain to bring back to the bank, so we do allow trades currency-for-currency.


Bunz does not allow posts that state they are being cross-posted, or links leading to buy/sell platforms outside of Bunz.

Note: As we are unable to monitor the trade process off-platform, we are unable to assist in disputes that occur off of the Bunz platform. This guideline is also in place to maintain safety within the Bunz community.

Electronic Device Trades 

All electronic devices traded on Bunz must have all personal information removed and be factory reset before being posted to Bunz. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Mobile devices (phones)

  • Tablets

  • Computers (including laptops)

  • Gaming devices that include login information

Note: Electronic items with a high risk of being fraudulent may be removed from your profile with a note directing you to this article. These item posts will be assessed on a case-by-case by our moderation team. You may be requested to provide definitive proof showing you own and have possession of the item before being allowed to post the item again; verification photo of the receipt, the item, and a note with your @username next to both.

19+ Consumables

Please ensure that any 19+ consumable items you may be trading are being traded to/from users who are 19+ (please see your local laws re: legal age of majority for areas outside of Ontario). Shufl Inc., (o/a Bunz.com) assumes no responsibility or liability in the event an adult product is traded to a minor. If this occurs and is reported, Bunz will cooperate fully with law enforcement if required and you may be held personally liable.

Car Seats

In accordance with the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act by Health Canada, Bunz does not allow carseat or booster seats produced prior to January 1, 2012. Bunz does not allow expired carseats or booster seats to be posted. All carseat or booster seat items posted for trade on Bunz must include their manufacturing date and the expiry date with the original packaging, as well as any other applicable information. Should a user misrepresent a car or booster seat item on Bunz, they may be held personally liable for any injury incurred. Shufl Inc., (o/a Bunz.com) assumes no responsibility or liability in the trading of car or booster seat items on our platform. Note: These Guidelines are based on the CCPSA noted above - if your province/territory/state has different Guidelines outside of the CCPSA, please defer to those Guidelines prior to posting.

Disclaimer: These Guidelines are subject to change.

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