These are the general guidelines in which we work from, the removal of content or accounts is at the sole discretion of the Bunz moderators based on these guidelines.

Unchanging Rule #1

No cash in the zone! Bunz is a cash-free bartering platform, always and forever!

Violence/Hate Speech/Bullying & Harassment

Bunz does not allow:

  • Calls to violence or violent action, whether directly or indirectly

  • Mob mentality or targeted harassment of individuals or businesses

  • Violence or hateful speech including but not limited to the listed protected classifications: race, sexuality, ability, religion, gender or gender identity; further moderation apart from the above is at the sole discretion of our reviewing moderators

  • Bullying, threatening, shaming in posts, comments, DM’s

  • Hateful content in usernames/profile pics/bio/community names and descriptions/topic content and comments

  • Naming and shaming in the trading marketplace or communities; this includes user callout posts regardless of whether or not the Bun was named in the post, please see our Reporting Guidelines for more information


Bunz does not allow:

  • Copies of private information/doxing

  • This includes abusing the features available in the Bunziverse with the collection of publicly available data in order to otherwise annoy or harass users; publicly posting screens from other areas of Bunz or private DM's as well as screens from other platforms - should you have an issue with a user on Bunz, please report them to us directly with any applicable screens/proof included in the report.

Account Review

Bunz reserves the right to review on-platform as well as off-platform conduct of account holders when reviewing accounts found to be in violation of the guidelines listed here or found to be deemed harmful to the Bunziverse based on the proof of information received. We reserve the right to remove users and/or comments/posts/threads, without warning or explanation.

Bunz reserves the right to forward any content violating applicable laws to the authorities for review, without warning or explanation.


Bunz does not allow spam of any kind on our platform, content considered spam will be removed without warning, including but not limited to:

  • Duplicate content within the marketplace; slightly modifying content to duplicate within the marketplace

  • Deleting and re-posting item posts; please use the repost item feature on the items you would like to repost

  • Click-bait

  • Bounty campaigns

  • Posts calling for likes/views/follows and any other content geared toward personal gain; this also includes posts linking to social media accounts, there is space for this in your Bunz profile

  • External content to drive traffic out of the Bunziverse without relevancy to the original post; this also includes posts linking to social media accounts, there is space for this in your Bunz profile

  • Referral codes; including but not limited to referrals, free coupons, free coupon codes, etc

  • Crowdfunding:
    Note: Due to the inability to validate these campaigns and in the interest of the safety of the Bunziverse, we do not permit these types of campaigns within Bunz

  • Fishing for ‘likes’ or follows on Bunz or directing to other sites outside of Bunz

  • We may also delete shared content from other groups/sites that are irrelevant or lacking in purpose towards trading or community betterment

  • We will delete posts that take the form of advertising or spam on Bunz that are not part of the Bunz advertising program

  • Trade posts noting cross-posting to other platforms are also considered spam and will be removed with a note

Copyright/Trademark Infringement

Bunz does not allow:

  • The unauthorized use of any copyrighted, trademarked or otherwise branded content within the Bunziverse; your content is subject to removal based on review by our moderators when contacted regarding infringement

  • Knock-off items within the trading marketplace may be subject to these guidelines at the discretion of our moderators

Graphic Content

Bunz does not allow:

  • Content showcasing sexual violence or the exploitation of minors; this content will be forwarded to the proper authorities upon discovery

  • Adult content will be restricted based on context; Note: these decisions are at the sole discretion of our moderators as we do allow the general trading of adult media content (magazines and videos) so long as they are within legal guidelines

  • Gratuitously violent content whether from media sources or otherwise


Bunz reserves the right to remove content/accounts from the Bunziverse that is meant to deceive users on our platform. These decisions are at the sole discretion of our moderators based on the content being reviewed.

Contacting Other Members

In general, unless you are explicitly reaching out for a trade, to provide requested advice, or to continue a consensual social interaction, do not privately contact other members. If you DO reach out to someone remember that you are not entitled to a response from anyone. Unwanted communication with fellow members may result in removal of your account from Bunz. Please remain respectful and courteous towards other members on Bunz.

Health & Wellness

Bunz look after each other, but as a community we should not be relied upon to provide expertise in medical matters. If you have concerns about your own health, we strongly suggest you contact your local health providers (such as Telehealth, in Ontario, Canada) for advice from professionals. Bunz is not liable for any adverse reactions due to medical advice received on Bunz.


Advertising to push members to off-platform content or advertising for other companies whether directly or indirectly is not permitted in the Bunz Trading Marketplace or Communities. Users are encouraged to contact us regarding pricing and options.

Donations and Charities

In order to maintain the integrity of the Bunz Community, all donations requests should be linked to verified charitable entities with contact information clearly visible for all members to confirm if need be. These will be treated on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Bunz moderators for any community driven charitable initiatives. Participation in community driven charitable initiatives are at the risk of the user and Shufl Inc., (o/a assumes no liability therein.


Community driven contests are permitted so long as they are completely transparent across the board and follow the below parameters:

  • Solely related to the Bunz Community without any links or campaigns leading to off-platform content

  • Any and all rules for entry clearly stated

  • You can request that Bunz like the item post for the contest, but you cannot ask that they also follow you as this violates our above Spam guidelines

  • Clearly stated start and end-date

  • Once the contest is completed and the winner has responded, the posting user must tag them in the comments on the post within 24hrs of the closing date of the contest

  • Once closed, the contest must be marked 'Trade Complete' to move it out of the feed

Bunz moderators reserve the right to perform independent audits of user driven contests to ensure transparency and good faith. Any user found to be creating contests in bad faith may be at risk of their account being permanently deactivated without warning. Any user entering into a user driven contest is doing do at their own risk, Bunz assumes no liability therein.


In conclusion, Bunz is what we all make it and the central tenet is that we want it to be a safe place to trade things, services and ideas, while building towards a sustainable future. Abide by these guidelines and we’ll all get there, together.

Disclaimer: These Guidelines are subject to change.

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