Sponsored Surveys are one way that brands can interact with the Bunz community. Unlike many other sites and companies that treat users as products, collect their data and/or share/sell it to interested parties without explicit consent, Bunz allows you to voluntarily share data about yourself through answering surveys in return for earning BTZ. Only sponsored surveys are paid for by brands, which users will see when the survey goes live, all other surveys are solely created by Bunz.

Brands buy blocks of BTZ from Bunz and return BTZ to the Bunz community in the form of a payment for answering a survey.

Why would a brand purchase a survey from Bunz?

Surveys might be purchased to ask the Bunz community a question that gives their brand insight, or they may simply be using the survey as a way to advertise their brand to the community.

What data does Bunz share with survey purchasers?

We share the response percentages, total respondents, and amount of clicks on a link they may provide that is on the answer page of the survey. We do not share your personal information, contact information, behaviours on the Bunz app, or any sort of data outside of what you've chosen to give by answering surveys.

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