To activate your wallet, see the video below and follow these steps!

  • Tap the wallet icon on the bottom right corner of the Bunz App
  • Follow the verification steps using your mobile number
  • Enter the 6-digit verification code you receive
  • Choose a 4-digit PIN that is secure but easy for you to remember
  • Add your referrer's username if prompted once you complete your 4-digit PIN verification

*Note for international Bunz* - If you are receiving an error message when you enter your number, please try adding 0 or 00 ahead of your mobile number after you have chosen your country code.


  • +61 1234 56789
  • Enter +61 in the country code field and then 0123 56789 or 00123 456789

If you still receive an error message, please email us and we will take a look into this on our end. Please note that we are unable to support landlines and WiFi/VoIP based mobile numbers for BTZ Wallet activation at this time.

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